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BetterHelp Professional Online Counseling & Therapy

$35 $80 EXPIRED

BetterHelp will match you to one of 17,000 licensed therapists. Get feedback, advice and guidance from your counselor. Join over 1,600,000 people who decided to get help and get happy.

Many people have started managing their basic healthcare needs online. The high increment in the telehealth industry means consumers have a lot of choices to see a doctor. BetterHelp provides professional online counseling therapy as one of the options without leaving a home.

Due to advancement in technology, video chat makes easy to consult health professional virtually. It gives the same experience as visiting in person. This seems especially right for counseling and therapy services. As per the feedbacks, online consultations appear equally effective as in-person sessions. Most important thing to remember that online consultation are much convenient than in-person visit.

BetterHelp is a well-known professional online counseling therapy service provider. It provides many people the convenience of therapy anytime and anywhere. They have over 7,800 licensed therapists with 900,000 patients. Overall, they have completed 70 million sessions. So, we find them as a major player in the online therapy space.

If you like to know more about BetterHelp, later on you can decide that if it’s worth for you! We thoroughly evaluated BetterHelp online therapy services in order to share with you that you can expect from virtual sessions at BetterHelp.


How Much Professional are BetterHelp Online Therapist?

We know BetterHelp online therapist as their main resource of providing the quality service. They have a wide array of highly qualified therapist. BetterHelp was acquired by Teladoc, Inc. in 2015. But the company continues to employ anyone with several evaluation. This makes sure that the patients get only a top therapist and a high-quality service.

BetterHelp report says that they only approve 15% of applicants who apply to their platform. They do that in a way to filter out only a right therapist for your needs. All BetterHelp therapists have a Master’s Degree or a Doctorate Degree in their field. All of them are experienced and accredited as:

  • Psychologists (PhD / PsyD)
  • Marriage and family therapists (LMFT)
  • Clinical social workers (LCSW / LMSW)
  • Licensed professional counselors (LPC)

BetterHelp selects only a qualified and certified therapist. The counselor must be recognized by their state’s professional board. Each of them must have at-least 3 years and 2,000 hours of hands-on experience in order to join a job.

Even after joining BetterHelp, they regularly go through peer review, results monitoring. The therapist needs ongoing training and support. They each have a mentor to help guide them through the BetterHelp process.

BetterHelp sets high standards for therapists who utilize their platform. While they believe not to be responsible for patient-counselor interactions. BetterHelp means only the platform. It makes clear that they have a good faith effort. It will ensure that their therapists are not only qualified and have experience, but highly rated as well.


How Much Does BetterHelp Counseling Cost?

In comparison to traditional, in-person therapy, BetterHelp appears more affordable in many cases. Traditional therapy sessions vary in price. But they will mostly cost somewhere better $100 and $250 per session. It depends on the length of session, therapist background, and your location.

BetterHelp plans start at $35/week. Each of the plans deliver messaging and weekly in-person sessions at no limit. This level of access in most cases is far more than what you’ll get in the traditional path. It also relies on various formats. It needs commitment to make live video sessions as close in value to in-person sessions as possible.

On BetterHelp advertisement, we see the cost of therapy in range from $40 to $70 per week. It mentions that you can cancel your membership online at any time, for any reason. You can pay via credit card or PayPal.

In our experience, once matched with a therapist, we were directed to a payment page with one price option of $65/week, billed monthly.

However, we see more payment options in the subscription basis. If you have left the payment screen then navigated to your profile. You will see that in the upper right corner of the site. Then after you click on the menu, you will see payment options as follows:

  • $80/week, billed weekly – on charge of $80/week
  • $65/week, billed monthly – on charge of $260/month
  • $45/week, billed quarterly – on charge of $540 every three months
  • $35/week, billed yearly – on charge of $1,820/year

All options include one live therapy session per week and unlimited messaging for the duration of the plan. An added benefit of all the plans is that 10% of your first week’s payment will be donated to a mental health cause.


How to Get Started with BetterHelp Online Counseling?

Getting Started to Better help process seems quite fast and easy. It needs that you answer questions about yourself. You must answer about your expectation from therapist. Afterwards, you need to get ready to pay for your first month of therapy.

The process is well made to walk you though each step to get started. It might take almost 15 minutes to finish the questionnaires. In that way, you will get matched with a therapist.

If you don’t feel ready to pay, you can stop after it matches you with a therapist. They will send you automated welcome message. That message requires more info from you.

Once you reply and hit send, you’ll be asked to pay in order to continue. Some folks might feel that frustrating because they have spent time but they don’t feel quite ready yet to pay. So, BetterHelp professional online counseling needs that you pay to get a therapist!

On the other hand, you may like to pay later. In that case, you don’t have to worry on going to the whole process again. That’s because BetterHelp site saves you message online. So, if you choose to pay later, your message won’t be lost.

Some folks seem concerned about their ability to afford BetterHelp therapy. In that case, they offer “can’t afford therapy” and similar choice when shown. It helps to carry out your case to BetterHelp representative. Then you can unlock a FREE TRIAL.

Receiving the final message means BetterHelp wants you to continue. You will be in need to provide rest of the info regarding yourself. Once you have entered your message, you’ll be asked to pay. The payment needs to be for your first month upfront of sessions.

During a paid month, the therapy will include unlimited messaging and one live chat. You can also talk on phone or video session per week. If you can’t afford for a therapy, you will get an option for financial aid. For that, you need to be eligible as per the questionnaire.

Once you have made a payment, you will get an option to schedule your weekly live chat. As mentioned before, you can also talk on phone, video session with your therapist. It will be available as listed on the calendar.

9.5Expert Score

We recommend BetterHelp for anyone looking to improve their quality of life through therapy. BetterHelp has therapists who can assist with everything from general concerns to specialized issues such as anxiety, stress, relationships, family conflicts, addiction, trauma, and more.

  • They have professional, licensed, and finely selected therapist.
  • All therapists possess 3 years or more with no less than 1,000 hours of work experience.
  • BetterHelp therapists treated persons for several mental health concerns.
  • It’s easy to talk with them online or via the mobile app.
  • Select messaging, phone talk, live chat, or video conference with your therapist.
  • For many folks, $40 to $70 per week seems inexpensive than in-person therapy.
  • They provide reliable and friendly customer service and quick responses to the queries.
  • You can change your therapist at anytime to select the best that suits you.
  • They also offer a 7 Day free trial service.
  • Therapists cannot make an official diagnosis or prescribe medication.
  • BetterHelp cannot fulfill court orders.
  • Insurance plans do not typically cover BetterHelp therapy sessions.
  • Getting the free trial is a little tricky.
BetterHelp Professional Online Counseling & Therapy
BetterHelp Professional Online Counseling & Therapy
$35 $80
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  1. Absolutely love better help! My life has absolutely changed on so many levels that I truly have no words to describe how grateful I am for this agency. Thank you better help, your online therapy is awesome!

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